Vivek tankha urges cheif minister to search and motivate talents of madhya pradesh


It is said that true talent always finds its way to the top no matter the obstacles that comes in its path. Pure talent is like a log of wood it doesn’t matter how hard one tries to immerse it in water, it will always come back to the surface. Often circumstances can be such that people with authentic skills and talent might get a bit of a disadvantage due to certain things not working out in their favor. Money or more appropriately lack of it can often become a hindrance for those with talent to truly shine in this world.

Lack of financial support can becoming a deterring factor which inhibits the truly hardworking and tenacious people from shining at their full potential but if at a time like that a light of hope appears that can ignite the hearts of those who miss out on opportunities merely because they are not from an opulent background, that light of hope can be said to be a blessing from heavens. One such person who is trying to become such a light of hope is Vivek Tankha.

Recently Mr. Tankha wrote a letter to the CM of MP sighting the examples of RoshniBhadouriya and Abhinav Sharma. Both these prodigies defied overwhelming odds to excel in their HighSchool exams. Roshni drove 24 km daily from her home to School to attend classes depicted great tenacity and dedication to excel in her studies and scored an amazing 98.5% in her HighSchool exams. Same is the case with Abhinav who has made his family proud by performing the best in his exams. Mr. Tankha was deeply moved and impressed by the dedication and tenacity of these bright students that he contacted them personally to congratulate them for their achievements.

Mr. Tankha has always been a person who has had the welfare of students in his mind. He always tries to make sure that the future of our great nation should get whatever aid that is required in their endeavors.

In his letter to the CM he talked about making sure that appropriate facilities and aid in whatever form required be it financial or otherwise reach the talented students who belong to the weaker sections of the society so that they can also pursue their dreams without having to worry about the lack of financial support. Mr. Tankha also promised to gift laptops to the students who performed exceptionally well in their HighSchool exams as a motivation to keep on working hard. Mr. Tankha also asked the CM to conduct talent search programs so as to find and help the talented and bright students in their studies and future endeavors.
Mr. Vivek Tankha has come forward as a person who has his eyes set on the goal of making sure that no student misses out on an opportunity to chase their dreams just because their families are not so well to do. Mr. Tankha has truly emerged as a ray of light for the talented and exceptional future prospects of this country. His stand to aid the students in achieving their dreams and aspirations and making sure that the future of this country stays incandescent is something that surely deserves credit and appreciation.
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