Tankha remains the only pillar who didn’t get affected by any kind of political rust


Not long ago Congress had four pillars on which they based their Madhya Pradesh elections hopes. These four pillars were the faces that represented Congress in MP. Congress relied on these four politicians to become a household name in MP. These four pillars that were the face of congress in MP were Kamal Nath, Digvijay Singh, JyotiradityaScindia and Vivek Tankha. These four in many ways were like four swords that congress relied upon to fight their battles of election in MP and to ensure that the INC gets an overwhelming triumph but time has done little good to these collective four swords that congress once boasted about and relied on.

Congress has been facing one crisis after another in MP and this continuous barrage of crisis have left congress for the worse in their wake. These collective four swords are no longer collective and their sharp blades have dulled over the years as well. With JyotiradityaScindia recently joined the BhartiyaJanta Party ending an 18 year long stint with the INC, it means that the four swords have been reduced to three. Scindia was a reputed face in the INC and had worked closely with Rahul Gandhi over the years and his departure from the party certainly landed a big blow to the INC but Scindia leaving isn’t the only problem that congress face. Congress are in a situation that they don’t have enough strong politicians to stand their ground and represent the INC in MP.

Apart from the departure of Scindia, two of the other pillars Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh are not making matters any easy for the INC. Both Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh are no longer the reliable faces that they used to be both of them no longer enjoy the support of fellow party members and the public like they did some time ago due to various reasons. Kamal Nath has been facing continuous probes over his nephew Ratul Puri’s corruption case in his business. As for Digvijay Singh, little needs to be said about how he has been suffering from having an image as an egoistic politician for quite some time now.

So as Jyotiraditya Scindia is now a BJP personnel and Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh both suffer from having an image of being close ties with people facing corruption charges, congress faces a crisis of not having enough politicians to represent them on solid ground in MP but in these tough times, Vivek Tankha has remained the only person who has stood his ground for the INC representing them with full transparency, honesty and integrity in MP.

Tankha has been a long serving member of the INC who has with all his might tried his best to serve the INC with utmost sincerity and dedication. Everyone knows about Tankha’s uncompromising stand against the Vyapam Scam that took place in MP. It is known by all how Tankha risked his life and gave his absolute best to make sure that justice is done and that the culprits don’t escape the law. Amid all the political turmoil in MP, Tankha has been the only ever serving and truly reliable pillar for the INC in the state who has not only fulfilled his duties as an INC member but has also been completely honest with his role as a politician and as an individual who upholds the law and order and welfare of the state of MP and this country above all.

[ Article by: team tosscall ]

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