On the birthday of Congress National President, MP Vivek Tankha donated 92 oxygen cylinders


On the occasion of Congress National President Rahul Gandhi's birthday, Rajya Sabha MP Vivek Tankha donated 92 oxygen cylinders and e-auto ambulances to government hospitals and other health centers of the district in a program organized at Mushran Bhawan in Narsingpur district of Madhya Pradesh. After this move of MP Tankha, there will be no shortage of oxygen cylinders in Narsingpur, as well as the specialty of this auto ambulance is that due to its small size, it can also bring the patient from the narrow streets.

In many places in the country, Congress workers working in public interest on the occasion of their national president's birthday, shared in social media and Congress is giving such a message that a new trend should be made to serve people on birthday.
[ Article by: team tosscall ]

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