4 reason why Supreme Court decision on ayodhya Ram Janmasthal is an absolute justice


1. Lets talk about the proof first, ASI i.e. achaeological survey of india has clearly mentioned that the construction under mosque was from the 10th century(i.e. 200 years before the origin of islam in india) and has no islamic archietect in it and instead it has the archietect which clearly indicates that it belong to hindu north indian temples. This is the most important fact that the supreme court cannot deny. For proof you can check on the 524 page of the pdf of the decision copy issued by the supreme court

2. British govt wrote that they made a wall to saperate the hindu and muslim devotees. It is said that after the mosque has been constructed the hindu people used to visit the mosque and worship their lord Ram and called this place as janmasthal or Ramjanmabhumi. It is clear that if mosque was created on a normal piece of land then hindus wont go there to worship, its because hindus saw the destruction of the temple at that time, they still go there to worship and this is followed by the later generation.

3. Quran itself states that mosque should not be created in any disputed land and also states that there is no particular place where mosque can be created. So, acc to this logic the mosque shouldnot be constructed at that particular land as it was totally disputed and can be created anywhere else peacefully.

4. Supreme court could have divided and give land to the muslim for creating mosque but that will be again a threat to the peace of the city and also because hindus claimed that the entire land was a part of the temple, making it an disputed land and according to quran mosque should only constructed in an non-disputed peaceful land. 5 acres of land for the mosque is an peaceful way for making the justice equivalent.

The intention of this article is to counter those who question’s Supreme court that the decision was taken on the influence of hindus majority.

This is an absolute justice for both the religious group. it may seems that it is moreover look like decision in favour of hindus but the desicion showsa total respect for the faith and belief of muslim religious group as well

[ Article by: team tosscall ]

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