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Frequently Asked Questions
Are there prizes? What are the prizes?
A: Yes! The more badges you earn, the more points you accumulate. Redeem points for prizes at the prize counter. The prize counter will be open at specific times throughout the year.

When does the prize counter open?
A: Great question. The prize counter is scheduled to open in December. Stay tuned for exact dates.

What do I have to do to get a prize?
A: Learn skills, earn badges! Each badge gets you one point (sometimes more). Periodically, the prize counter will open and you'll be able to use points to claim swag.

How will I know when the prize counter opens?
A: There are many ways to stay up to date. Ensure that you have followed all steps listed in this video. Add us to your calendar. Keep an eye on your email. And, follow Qwiklabs on your choice of social network.

What if I miss the prize counter opening?
A: Unused points expire every 6 months. No exceptions. Please help us keep you informed via the options listed above.

How do arcade points work?
A: One point per eligible badge (unless otherwise stated). All eligible badges are listed on this page. If it's not listed here, it's not eligible. Un-redeemed points expire after 6 months. You'll have at least one opportunity to redeem points, so please use it, don't lose it!

How do I know how many arcade points I have?
A: Compare the list of eligible arcade games to your Google Cloud Skills Boost profile to calculate points.

How can I get more arcade points?
A: Play more games! The more you learn, the more you earn.

What are the upcoming arcade games?
A: Keep an eye on this page for current and upcoming games.

Why are you doing an arcade with a prize counter? Why not just send prizes right away?
A: Great question! As you might imagine, organizing programs like this can be a challenge. We opted for a prize counter to maximize opportunities to learn (and earn) while minimizing negative impacts of shipping.

I don't want a prize. Can I still play?
A: Yes! When the prize counter opens, participation is totally optional. You might want to check out the charitable donation option, even if you are not interested in physical prizes!

What is the cost? Do I need quarters?
A: There is no cost to participate in Arcade games. No quarters needed! (Or any other currency!)

Can I participate if I'm already in another Google program? (Ex: Innovators, EDU programs, Learn to Earn, OnAir, Study Jams, DevFest)
A: Yes! Please keep in mind that different programs have varying requirements so check with other programs as well.

What if a lab isn't working?
A: Great question. The community is a great place to get questions answered. Or, you can request assistance from our support team directly within the Skills Boost platform.

What if there are no more seats in a game?
A: That happens sometimes! Seats are available on a first come, first serve basis. Sometimes additional seats open up, so keep an eye out for more opportunities to join if you miss the first round.

I've never used Skills Boost before. Help!
A: Welcome, I'm so glad you're here. This tour of Google Cloud and the Skills Boost platform will help you get oriented. It's available at no cost.

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