Infosys is offering internship opportunity as Software Engineer intern


What Are You Studying and Where?

Academic Concentration :
E.g. Software Engineering, Marketing,Computer Engineering

Key Skills :
E.g. Java, Python, UI, UX, Competitive Analysis, Data Science

What Would You Like Your Internship To Be?

Area of Interest :
Adobe Photoshop
Adoption of Agile in SAP Application Eco System
Adoption of private or public cloud in europe and north ...
Advanced AI
Analysis of Time Series Data
Analytical & scripting
Analytics and Python
Analytics, Data Alogrithms
Android, IOS programming, LBS, C++, Java
Angular JS, Java, HTML5,Groovy,Shell Scripting
Angular, HTML, CSS, Azure, Java, Spring Boot, Micro ser ...
Apache Superset JavaScript
API, Java, Python, C++
App development
Applied machematics Internet of Things Data science clo ...
Artificial inteligence
Artificial Intellegence, Machine Learning, Deep Learnin ...
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, NLP
Augmented reality and Virtual reality
Augmented Reality, Virtual reality
Automation and AI: RPA or ML depending on the solution
Automation, AI
AWS, Jenkins, Ansible, Shell scripting, UI skills
Azure Cloud, Basics of React.JS ,Node.JS or Java ortri ...
Azure, IOT , SDK
B Tech equivalent or higher
BI tools, DevOps
Big Data and Data Science
Big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence
Blockchain Triparty collateral management
Blockchain, Data Security
Blue Prism, Oracle Order Management
Branding and Communications Media
BTech or M Tech or PhD
Building Machine Learning model for Fraud Detection
Business analysis, Interviewing and Research
Business analysis, market analysis, competitor analysis
C#, D365, PowerApps
Choose any suitable technology (OSS/ Azure / AWS etc.) ...
Cloud SAAS App
Cloud, Java, C++
Communication Networking and Social Media
Comparitive analysis
Competition Analysis
Computer vision, Artificial Intelligence, machine learn ...
Conversational UI in banking using AWS and Asure
D3 Angular Java HTML
Data Analysis
Data Analytics
Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
Data analytics, any Machine learning algorithm, Java or ...
Data and Analytics
Data and Analytics solution integration
Data evaluation and campaign building
Data Governance
Data Science and Product Development
Data Science and revenue management
Data Science, AI and Machine Learning
Data Science, Social Graph
Data Science, Social network analysis and Visualization
Data Transformation
Database like MongoDB, CouchBase, Cassandra
Database, Java, Jquery Ajax
DBs and UI tools
Declarative provisioning, Model-driven Orchestration, T ...
Deep Learning, Machine Learning, NLP, Python
Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Tensorflow, Python
Deep Learning, Tensorflow
Devops Framework
DeVops Tools
DevOps, Java, Spring, Performance Engineering
DevOps, Machine Learning
Digital Process automation
Digtial Marketing
Domain Ontology Extraction
Energy resources
Experience in Insurance, Healthcare or LifeSciences dom ...
Exposure to ERP MS Office
familiarity with various data visualization tools
Finance, Object DBs & UI tools
Financial Banking Standards Regulations
Fintech, Digital Banking,Payments
Full Stack Development
Global Command Centre for Data and Analytics
Good understanding of DL concepts
Good understanding of information retrieval and ML conc ...
Graduate or Masters in Human Resource Humanities
Graphic design
Graphic Designing
Healthcare, Sales, Marketing
Hyperledger Fabric or Etherum, smart contracts (Java or ...
Industrial Engineering
Industry Research
Information Technology
Information Technology, IOT
Infosys Foundation USA
Interpersonal and communication skills
IOS and Android App Development including HTML5, CSS3
IOT Core
IOT, Cybersecruity
IOT, Data Science, Image Analytics
IT experience in ADM
Java ,Python
Java Datascience Machine Learning
Java Spring framework Openshift Elastic Jenkins
Java UI development, SQL,PLSQL, Java programming, appli ...
Java, android
Java, C++
Java, C++ and security
Java, J2EE
Java, Python
Java, Python, C++,DevOps
Java, Python, C++,OOPs
Java, scala
Java, Python, Machine Learning, Web development
Kafka, Streamlio, DropWizard
Knowledge of Python programming
Knowledge of Python programming ML OpenCVTensorFlow
Knowledge on Azure Apps and functions
Knowledge on pythonR
Kubernetes orchestration and network security
Linux, Docker Nice to have:
M A of Digital firms Business strategy formulation for ...
Machine Learning
Machine Learning and Deep learning
Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing
Machine Learning, API
Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence,Chatbot
Machine Learning, Deep Learning, API
Machine Learning, Fintech
Machine Learning, Statistics and Forecasting
Machine Learning, TensorFlow, Python
Machine Learning,Artifical Intelligence
Machine Learning,NLP
MAF and ADF Frameworks
Management, MBA
Manufacturing Execution System (MES),Rockwell and Dassa ...
Market analysis and Research
Market Research
Market Research Analysis
Market Research Analytics Sustainability EHS Background
Market Research and Asset Management
Market Research and Competitive analysis
Market Research, Basic knowledge on Block Chain
Market Research, ERP System
Market Research, Marketing
Market Research, MBA
Marketing and Branding
Marketing, Sales
Marketing,Innovation Management
MBA program with Marketing as a specialization
MBA with Marketing focus
Mechanical and Electronics Harware design
Microservice Discovery

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