Scrapping Article 370 is constitutionally correct but is it satisfying the nation ethically


its on everywhere that kashmir is now an integral part of India without any condition. but, if we dwell into past then this decision might seems unethical inspite of being constitutionally satisfied.

In 1947, when we got independence, India is facing an major issue of saperation and that times all the provinces are given their right to choose that which country they wanted to become part of. While most of the provinces are agreed to become the part of India, few wanted to join Pakistan. Its obvious that these were the muslim populated areas. The Provinces were Hyderabad, Junagad, Bangladesh, Mysore, Travancore, Bhopal, Jodhpur and Kashmir. Our Indian leaders did their best to convince these provinces and they almost comvinced all provinces except Bangladesh and Kashmir.

Kashmir was a muslim majority region, but the ruler of Kashmir wanted to have a independent nation. He didn’t want to join any of the 2 nation, i.e. India or Pakistan. Duringthis time both the nation was trying to convince the Ruler of Kashmir to join their country. Pakistan from somewhere heard that Kashmir was about to join India, and thus Pakistan started invading Kashmir kand illegally. This led to the ruler of Kashmir to take help from India. And taking advantage of the situation India ask Kashmir to join india. Kashmir and india joined together but witha condition of Article 370.

Now, from all these years many things happen which we can say that article 370 has been *misused by Kashmir govt. Like :
*kicking out Hindus, Buddhist from Kashmir
*Making Pakistani a citizen of Kashmir if he/she marry a kashmiri
*Avoiding ladhakh anf jammu in terms of development
*Giving hands to terrorism and letting terrorist misguiding the Indian youths

While, the decision of taking Article 370 was constitutionally correct but kashmiri people take this as betrayal because if Indian govt. had done the deal with the permission of kashmiri leader then the removal must be done with the same permission. Its upto the individual to decide wheathe the decision was right or wrong.

[ Article by: team tosscall ]

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