kangana ranaut and rangoli chandel are the ideal example for misusing the concept of feminism


In India Kangana Ranaut is a household name. The most paid actress of the Bollywood industry has a mammoth fan following and rightly so for she has been part of some really amazing movies over the years. There are no skeptics when it comes to her acting prowess her amazing work over the years has won her several applauders. The beloved queen of Bollywood started as an outsider and made it big in the Hindi cinema on her own hard work and skills and that’s just one more reason that she has been a celebrity highly appreciated and loved by the common man.

Apart from being an exceptionally skilled actress KanganaRanaut has always been a person who stood up against the injustices in the Bollywood world. Ever since her early days she wasn’t one to cover to anything wrong no matter what. Everyone remembers how she stood up to KaranJohar one of the biggest directors in Bollywood on his own show and berated him for being the flag bearer of nepotism who only gives break to the children of big Bollywood names instead of truly talented actors. Without a shred of fear she said to Johar’s face what she feels about his castings and the whole country stood behind her because what she accused Johar of doing was pretty much true.

However over the years Kangana has slowly transformed from a national Bollywood darling to what seems tomany as a compete brute and bully. To understand the full extent of what has changed in the famous celeb one has to take a look into all the spats she has been a part of over the years. To begin with what better than the most famous and still ongoing controversy between KanganaRanaut and Hrithik Roshan. The war between the two actors started when they were both working together for the movie Krish 3. Rumors started running that both the actors were seeing each other and love was in the air while both of them kept a tight lip about it until Kangana finally addressed the topic in an interview. After that things just went out of control with Kangana accusing Hrithik of promising a future together with Kangana but never obliging. The matter seemed to settle down after some time until Kangana called Hrithik his silly ex which led to both the actors, one after the other slapping legal notices on each other demanding an apology. What followed was allegations from both sides, sometimes derogatory and demeaning comments, accusations about sending endless e mails and a lot more. Things have grown out of hand to such an extent that neither of the two actors now prefer to work with the other and the banter and comments still continue till this date in this seemingly never ending battle.

Earlier this year Kangana also had some harsh words for Ranbir Kapoor. In an interview when Ranbir was asked about his political viewpoints the actor said that he’d rather keep his views to himself rather than speaking anything in the media. Kangana bashed the actor for not having a viewpoint and not speaking about politics in public. One might say that since these celebrities have such a huge fan following them showing indifference about a certain topic might encourage some of their fans to turn a blind eye to that topic as well but still that doesn’t give Kangana the moral high ground to bash someone. Politics just like any other topic is an open subject. One might have an opinion about it or one might not there is nothing wrong in either case. A point could also be made that if a celeb promotes a certain political party or has certain political affiliations it might encourage his or her avid followers to blindly follow the same political party without giving any actual thought and if seen in this sense Ranbir was correct in keeping his political opinions to himself. To conclude no matter what Ranbir’s political viewpoint is or even if he doesn’t have any Kangana had no point to comment or bash him in the media.

The latest incident of the Ranaut sisters’ abuse of power was during a song launch of Kangana’s upcoming release JudgementalHaiKya. Although the movie’s trailer has kept the people buzzing it is nothing compared to the huge verbal fight that broke down between Kangana and a reporter on the press conference of the song release. When a reporter named Justin Rao wanted to ask a question during the interview session, without listening to his question Kangana started to accuse the journalist of running a smear campaign against her. She went on to say that Justin was a man with “a ghatiyasoch” and he was targeting her to tarnish her public image. Apparently Justin gave bad reviews to Kangana last work and her debut directorial project Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. The actress accused the journalist of branding Manikarnikaand Kangana as jingoistic. She further added that the journalist text messaged her and also spent three hours in her van and had lunch with her and still went on to write bad reviews about Manikarnika. Justin denied all that and asked Kangana to prove what she said with screenshots which the actress have yet not put in public.

We sincerely hope Kangana and Rangoli will soon see the flaws in their ways and will make amends and we’ll get to see the same live hearted and lovely and jolly Kangana once again real soon.
[ Article by: gursagar singh ]

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