Are we using social media or the social media is using us.. think before its too late


By the time you read this content, there will be 3,50,000 tweets on twitter and 1,36,000 photos uploaded on facebook.With this huge amount of generation of data on social media ,it is playing major role in influencing our daily life.

We take our major decision by the influence of what we see on social media like voting in elections,selecting college,marketing,shopping.We are also able to build strong communities and units that has common values and goals.Today social media is also the source of learning,motivation,inspiration,happier and easier life.

But the question is are we using social media in a productive manner? Social media can help us but it can also blind us.As popularly said by Nicholas Carr, when we go online,we enter an environment that promotes cursory reading,hurried and distracted thinking and superficial learning.The maximum usage of social media more than 2 hours daily is adversly affecting our mental health and tender minds of our nation.Everyday our phone pop up with notification of various sites and instead of filtering reliable information,we are wasting our time in surfing the stuff.Today we hate or support the ideas and people on the basis of memes ,gossips,popculture and usernames instead of real names.With like,comment and share we are allowing social media to stimulate our senses and dopamin hit.With the ease of internet access,we are able to change our perception of the world,and this need to take decisions wisely.

We need to focus on managing the use of social media sites and use it deliberately without being addictive and wasting lots of hours in it.

We can save our time by only browsing and posting with intention.This will help us to focus on our lifestyle,learning and thinking abilities.Use of social media should not create a virtual world but the medium which connects the real world and communities for a noble cause.

[ Article by: utkrishta mahaskar ]

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