can advance technology like virtual class will change the existing educational system


we are going through the world wide projects on developing virtual schools. The very first question arises that why there is a need of virtual classrooms if conventional classrooms are able to give productivity?

well, It is because in today's era we need global communication in english, multitasking, multicuturism, attention from students in the educational process. Moreover,the popular myth "big dream need big budgets" can be erased. This transformation in education sector can create more employability by upgrading teachers to coaches. We all have content in bulk in the internet but with proper guidance we would learn proper access to information dealing with the problem what to learn and what to not.In today's world we need innovations and ideas to support mankind i.e. learning masters rather than content masters,as content is available on one click.On account of this Turkey has come up with the fireflies project and a program "Technology and Computer literacy" by TEGV, which was established with the aim of supporting primary school education.Under this many students are trained to become master of gadgets by providing connectivity to the growing resources today.It is however economically feasible due to no heat dissipation,no electromagnetic radiation,fast and easy IT support,valuable workspace for children,higher productivity with reduced initial and maintenance cost.

Another example of technology use in elementary education is Northbrook Middle School in Houston Texas,U S.A.The school is largely made up of minorities with low socio-economic statuses.The students at this school recorded test scores that were greatly improved due to the involvement of technolgy.

One more step towards integrating technology and education is taken by Richmond city school district in VA, with 25000 students.33% of the students in this district are below poverty line and could not access technology and computer at home.Today they have doubled the computer lab in order to bring computing technology into the classroom and the result is most of the kids are accessing technology rather than a few and are forming new learning abilities.

Today we need innovation in various sectors to create employability and new resources for the survival.For example-renewable forms of energy,petrol substitute,high protein food agriculture,medical diagnosis,military areas etc. All these necessities could be fullfilled if learning is modified with "learning by doing" and delivering great scientists fullfilling dreams of our missile man of India and former president of India Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam. I believe each one of us could make a difference by learning,sharing and changing because changing the thinking,changes the solution for many of us.
[ Article by: utkrishta mahaskar ]

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